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ECAIA water

ECAIA carafe

If the person you want to find a gift for has never heard of active alkline water and you want to introduce them to this idea, we would definitely recommend the ECAIA carafe! Our bestseller is really the best way to enter the world of easy and practical drinking water treatment. While not a substitute for the ECAIA ionizer, the carafe fully expresses the ECAIA philosophy and offers excellent results strikingly similar to those of the ionizer!

Special features:
• Electronic Filter Life Indicator (in days)
   (reduces pollutants up to 99%!)
• Special ceramics ionize water, making it alkaline, antioxidant, rich in oxygen and fine-structured

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  ECAIA ionizer

The ECAIA ionizer is synonymous with large-scale drinking water treatment. Its powerful filtering capacity, its multiple options for completely customized pH settings and its efficient separation of active water  into alkaline water and acidic water, make it particularly suitable for prolonged use. Whether you use it in your workplace for the welfare of your employees, or at home for your loved ones. The ECAIA ionizer is made with the best materials that will allow you to enjoy its excellent performance for years.

Special features:
• Proven technology with patented self-diagnosis function and 28 options for customized pH settings
• Ceramic rotary valve, for exceptional durability and use without electricity.
• Long-term guarantee (6 years)

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